Webinar Recap: Pitfalls to Avoid in Creating a Background Screening Policy

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Webinar Recap: Pitfalls to Avoid in Creating a Background Screening Policy

12:42 28 February in Best Practices, Discrimination, Diversity, HR Technology, Human Business, Human Resources, Legal, Recruiting, Staffing, Technology

On February 27, 2018, Alexis Clark and Ian Bellais from Verified First led a SmartSearch SmartPractices webinar on the core concepts of what a well-designed background screening looks like, and what companies need to know about the changing legal landscape for background checks. During the presentation, they discussed the intricacies of what constitutes EEOC compliance, the importance of securing your data, what the correct time is for conducting a background check, and best practices for “ban the box” and salary history.

In 2017, the legal system took a long, hard look at how companies were conducting background checks on candidates. Class-action suits were on the rise. With the advent of better education and the speed at which social media delivers information, job candidates are more aware of their rights and privileges as stated under the law.

In addition, many notable organizations have come under fire for security breaches that have put them in a precarious situation when managing other’s private information such as social security numbers, bank account access, financial disclosures, online passwords and more. What arose from this is an increased sense of security that became a priority for many companies that may not have paid as close attention in the past.

Organizations are looking to background screening resources that not only specialize in managing a candidate’s sensitive data but also work to enhance the candidate experience overall. This approach is a way to assuage many of the issues companies suffer from the improper use of background screening. Increased speed, better lines of communications, mobile access to expedite the paperwork and the elimination of duplicate records can streamline the process and reduce the workload for both the hiring company and candidate.

With the myriad legal changes impacting how companies manage pre-hire investigations, all organizations need to stay informed with current and impending laws, which impact what information is necessary to observe and what to avoid, eliminating legal risk.

Click here to learn more on this topic and to access the webinar recording.

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