Webinar Recap: Artificial Intelligence for Recruiting – The Future is Now

Webinar Recap: Artificial Intelligence for Recruiting - The Future is Now

Webinar Recap: Artificial Intelligence for Recruiting – The Future is Now

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming all the rage in many segments of work and business. When brought into the sourcing, staffing, recruiting and talent management functions, it provides assistance and learning opportunities, unlike anything we’ve seen before. Artificial intelligence is designed to be a learning machine that can predict and anticipate actions and desired information over the course of its use. What this means for the talent acquisition professional is that AI has become your personal assistant. It eliminates many of the manual and tedious tasks associated with hiring, and further, it guides the user (objectively) in the decision-making process when selecting appropriate and applicable candidates for jobs.

On May 22, 2018, Justin Turner, AVP National Sales at Arya, a Leoforce company led a SmartSearch SmartPractices webinar on the topic of artificial intelligence and more specifically, how it’s being used for sourcing, recruiting and talent management. He educated us on what AI is, its present-day capabilities and what the future holds, and how it’s being used for talent acquisition.

When used by human resources, sourcing, staffing, recruiting and talent management, artificial intelligence provides flexibility and an adaptive nature designed to augment tasks and labor historically performed manually, such as identifying the best candidates for selected positions based on criteria it has learned along the way. It’s intelligent because it learns the more it’s used and adapts to the end-users by gauging past activities and learning what the end-users know.

According to the article AI, robotics, and automation: Put humans in the loop, from Deloitte Insights, “Almost half (47 percent) of this year’s [2018] respondents say that their organizations are deeply involved in automation projects, with 24 percent using AI and robotics to perform routine tasks, 16 percent to augment human skills, and 7 percent to restructure work entirely.” And the adoption of using AI is only growing.

Artificial intelligence is part of the present and future and is widely becoming an accepted HR technology. Click here to learn more about AI and to access the webinar recording.

SmartSearch is the proud sponsor of SmartPractices webinars in our series of best practices webinars for the HR, recruiting and staffing communities.


Photo courtesy of Surian Soosay.

Sylvia Dahlby


Sylvia Dahlby is a Business Development Manager at SmartSearch, an innovative recruiting business software platform. Sylvia has worked in the recruitment advertising & technology industry since 1978, and has worked remotely from home since 1990. She currently resides in Hilo, on the Big Island of Hawaii. She's an active member of SHRM Hawaii, Social Media Club Hawaii, Hilo Woman's Club, and volunteer at Kipaipai School of Art.

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