Concierge & Support Services

We Are Committed to Your Success!

Fast, reliable, and practical product support matters to us as it does to you.
We deliver top quality service and believe that if our customers are successful,
then we are successful.

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24/7/365 Support

Our team is dedicated to both quality and customer service. Our support services are available all year round to ensure no interruption in your business.

Live Help Desk

The SmartSearch concierge team is serious about providing fast, efficient help to our customers. Ongoing support is available to customers via phone, email, and live Help Desk.

Ongoing User Training

SmartSearch training is designed to instill user confidence while maximizing software utilization and a strong return on your investment.

Video Learning Channel

Visit our user training video library for hands on support and how-to tutorials.

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SmartSearch Support Services

We know filling a position begins with you. Thoroughly understanding and supporting your needs lets you recruit seamlessly and find success when creating your win-win business relationships!


SmartSearch serves over 300,000 users and 32 million job seekers worldwide, every day. Our unmatched, in-house customer support team of software recruitment consultants and technologists are here to help you, one-on-one.


Our Concierge Services keep you ahead of the technology curve:


  • Hassle-free version upgrades at no additional cost
  • Expert data conversion and custom programming available
  • Annual System Optimization Service
  • Built-in usage wizard to support user adoption
  • Security audits
  • Smart Practices webinars