SmartSearch Corporate Recruiting Platform

SmartSearch is a complete, agile software solution that brings powerful candidate sourcing and collaboration tools to your talent acquisition efforts. By integrating with your current technology and unique business processes, SmartSearch reduces paperwork, eliminates duplication of effort, streamlines onboarding, shortens time to fill jobs, and lowers hiring costs.

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Welcome to the Next Generation in Recruitment Technology

Sleek. Fast. Attractive. Intelligent.

SmartSearch ATS V21 screen capture -WORKsmart Staff


  • 24/7 access from any PC, Mac, tablet, or mobile device
  • Fast, easy import of new candidates
  • Convenient folders for organizing candidates
  • Paperless document management
  • Easy-to-use and cost-effective e-Signature service
  • Fast drag-and-drop functionality
  • More information with a single click
  • Mobility with built-in 2-way text messaging and notifications
  • Robust reporting on activity and metrics to drive process improvement
  • Configurable Dashboard: visuals, quick view metrics, drill-down data, & sortable lists


  • Dynamically post your jobs to internal and external job boards
  • Directly posts to job boards, such as Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed, Dice, etc.
  • SmartSearch® monitors and controls postings to paid sites to stay within your budget
  • Links to your corporate site from major job boards
  • Process resumes, capture the source, and match candidates to jobs
SmartSearch ATS V21 screen capture - POSTsmart Staff


  • All-in-one Super Search of your database
  • Integrated one-click search via job boards, i.e. Monster, CareerBuilder, DICE, and more
  • Robust search engine includes full-text keyword, Boolean, and conceptual searching
  • Semantic search, AI AutoMatch, and SmartMatch from skills list
  • Candidate profile and job history search


  • Showcase your company culture on social channels
  • S.M.A.R.T. (Social Media And Recruiting Toolbox) enables more effective sourcing
  • Social links, search, and import
  • Connect and build relationships in thriving social communities
  • Post jobs on hundreds of social networks via @AddThis
  • Promote your employment brand on social channel
SmartSearch ATS V21 screen capture - SOCIALsmart Staff


  • Organize your hiring process to track candidate and recruiting activity
  • Configurable tools to fit your hiring process, track candidate and recruiting activity
  • Create HireTraks to support multiple workflows for different job classifications
  • Create unlimited activities and make events contingent on each other, as desired
  • Automate task management, scheduling, and notifications
  • Track documentation and follow up on actions, i.e. offer letters, approval routing, etc.
  • Customize onboarding with new hire notices, orientation information, and document generation


At-A-Glance Reports and Lists

  • Work-In-Progress list for quick view of jobs, recruiting, and onboarding activity
  • Configurable dashboards for at-a-glance overview of metrics and analytics
  • Filter activity by department, location, or individual user
  • Spotlight pages and activity graph at record level showing current/past activity
  • Company organizational chart to manage sophisticated parent-subsidiary relationships

Report Templates

  • Includes three reports for EEOC/OFCCP regulatory compliance
  • Over 30 built-in report templates provided
  • Filter or rollup data by user, hiring manager, job, and activity specifications
  • Create short-cuts to generate commonly run reports with one click
  • View reports on screen or output data to a variety of formats, such as Excel

Report Writer

  • Do-it-yourself ad-hoc reporting similar to Crystal Reports
  • Access all data structures and ability to format complex joins or calculations
  • Run in real-time or schedule to run automatically and distribute via email
V21 Reporting Screen


  • 24/7/365 support
  • 100% committed to delivering first-class customer service
  • Live Help Desk
  • Ongoing user training
  • Video Learning Channel
  • Video snippet tutorials
  • Proven experience in the development and deployment of recruiting software
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  • Stringent policies and control protocols are in place 24/7/365
  • Fail-safe and secure system to protect clients’ proprietary database
  • Privacy and security are priority number one
  • Secure HTTP to mitigate and guard against damage from any type of system failure
SmartSearch announced Two-time winner of HR Tech Awards 2021!
Top Recruitment Technology


  • Award winning talent acquisition and staffing management software
  • Sleek, fast, intelligent software that delivers a quick ROI
  • Hassle-free upgrades at no additional cost
  • Over 30+ years of experience
  • Expert data conversion and custom programming available
  • Annual system reviews and update training
  • Usage helpers support user adoption
  • Smart Practices webinars

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