Over the last few months, we have taken you through AI Smart’s benefits and how it can help you recruit smarter. Now you can see AI Smart in action!

In this 30-minute demonstration, you will:


•  Learn how AI Smart can streamline your recruiting process, allow you to fill job openings faster, and reduce your talent acquisition costs.

•  Learn how AI sourcing tools help ensure your recruiting practices are non-biased, adhering to EEO compliance.

•  See how AI Smart makes it easy for recruiters to find the perfect candidate and in record time.

See for yourself how AI Smart can give you a leg up on the competition for top talent, hiring faster and smarter than ever before!


Date: Thursday, April 29th

Time: 10:00 a.m. PDT

Location: Zoom. Details will be sent upon registration.

Register today for your demonstration of AI Smart: