AI Smart


AI Smart, powered by Sovren, the world leader in artificial intelligence and biometric candidate matching technology, provides transparent and easy-to-use tools to get the results you need, quickly. Search for great candidates, look for the right job to place top candidates, or find candidates with similar sought-after qualities to identify the best fit.

AI Smart
Find Candidates to Fill Jobs
  • Select from qualifiers and matching criteria
  • Auto-rank inbound candidates
  • Match candidates to other jobs, overnight
  • Control geographical settings
  • Find candidates based on previous hires
Find Jobs for Candidates
  • Biometrically score candidates
  • Auto-rank candidates against other opportunities
  • Filter candidates previously reviewed, rejected or advanced in the hiring process
  • Identify jobs best suited for each candidate

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“Our clients gain a more competitive advantage by getting the most out of their resume database, along with better hiring decisions in real-time with AI Smart.”

~ LJ Morris | President & CTO