Advanced Personnel Systems adds AI Provider Arya to List of Vendor Integrations



Top-rated ATS, SmartSearch, improves candidate sourcing with the inclusion of artificial intelligence capabilities.

OCEANSIDE, CA   January 11, 2018 – Advanced Personnel Systems, Inc. (APS), the makers of SmartSearch®, announces its highly anticipated vendor integration with, Arya, a LeoForce company.

In keeping with the latest technological advancements for talent acquisition, APS, Inc., makers of SmartSearch, has added Arya to its list of top-rated vendor product integrations. With the advent of this vendor integration, SmartSearch users will harness the power of using AI to identify high-quality candidates through machine learning, advanced auto-matching, big data and a host of other tools and options designed to streamline or automate parts of the recurring work processes, especially administrative and high-volume, time-consuming tasks.

As one SmartSearch client expressed, “In our efforts to speed up the recruiting process, we are excited about the sourcing capability offered by Arya’s AI platform,” states Josh Bocek, Manager, Talent Acquisition Services, CRS Corp, a staffing solutions provider to Fortune 500 companies.

Arya is designed to integrate seamlessly with advanced applicant tracking systems. SmartSearch users will experience a more immediate engagement with candidates while reducing cost-per-hire and time-to-fill.

“AI is an important tool for the future of recruiting, and we are excited to partner with Arya to deliver cutting-edge technology to our clients. We’re very impressed with Arya’s approach to AI for recruiting and are excited to present this as an option to our clients,” states LJ Morris, Chief Technology Officer, APS, Inc.

Predictive algorithms, analytics and machine learning are quickly rising to the top as tools-of-choice to identify desired candidates. Organizations are using AI to assess human qualities that range from word usage and micro-expressions to emotional intelligence and the intonation of social media updates.

“Finding the right people to fill your unique company culture is becoming a top priority in today’s business world. Skills, often times, can be taught but finding people who align with your company’s mission, vision and values is being viewed by many progressive-thinking companies as a high priority in the candidate selection process and subsequent hiring. AI provides that extra insight companies need to make the best talent selections for their brand,” states Doug Coull, CEO, APS, Inc.

About SmartSearch®:  Since 1986, Advanced Personnel Systems, Inc. leads the way in the development and deployment of quality talent management and recruiting software. For over three decades SmartSearch has been creating applicant tracking systems to streamline sourcing, recruiting and hiring in one easy-to-use solution. We help our clients to recruit at the speed of life and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing recruitment landscape.  For more information visit SmartSearch.

About Arya: Arya, is a recruiting technology company located in the heart of Raleigh, North Carolina. We pride ourselves in providing an unbiased data-driven experience that humans are incapable of creating on their own — leading organizations to find the candidates that are the best fit — where talent will grow and companies will flourish. For more information visit Arya.

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