It’s Time for a Chat – about Chatbots, That Is

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It’s Time for a Chat – about Chatbots, That Is

10:46 14 March in Articles, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Best Practices, HR Technology, Innovation, Jobs, Marketing, Recruiting, Staffing, Technology

Still think chatbots are creepy and impersonal? It’s time to shift your mindset.

  • Mobile technology has taken over the staffing and recruiting landscape. Instantaneous, global exchange of information is now the norm.
  • Job seekers’ and employers’ expectations for real-time service are rising. People want on-the-go, 24/7 service across communication channels.
  • Your competitors are rapidly adopting automated solutions to meet customers’ heightened expectations. If you don’t provide the fast response and resolution they want, another staffing or recruiting firm will be more than happy to. Fact: 57% of customers have stopped buying from a company because a competitor provided a better experience.

Chatbots are not only ubiquitous, they’re essential to shareworthy service. Case in point? A 2017 report by MIT Technology review found that 9 out of 10 brands with high customer service satisfaction levels use AI to provide service. [If I were the kind of person to put gifs in blog posts, I’d insert the slow blink guy right here.]

It’s time for a chat(bot).

If you’re not onboard with this tech yet, it’s time to rethink your service and recruiting automation. Here are four ways you can – and frankly, should – be using chatbots and other service process automation tools to improve customer satisfaction and recruiting results:

  1. Enhance candidate communication. Scripted, automated responses from chatbots can prevent communication vacuums after a job seeker applies online or completes an initial interview. Chatbots can be integrated with a variety of communication platforms, including websites, SMS, email, social media, messaging apps and applicant tracking systems – virtually anywhere you connect with talent.
  2. Capture candidate information. If a candidate visits your job board but isn’t quite ready to apply, a chatbot like Olivia (available through Haley Marketing) can capture essential candidate information your recruiters can use to follow up later.
  3. Increase job applications. AI-based bots and live chat can facilitate candidate intake, automate scheduling and increase job applications.
  4. Properly route inquiries. Scripted chatbots like Path can ask predefined questions to help people find the right pages on your website, or connect with a recruiter or account manager. Customers can quickly find the information they need on their own, or be routed to a human if they need to speak with someone.


Chatbots, true AI-based bots and other service automation tools will only become more sophisticated and mainstream in the coming years. The question is no longer whether you need one for your staffing or recruiting website; it’s which option(s) will deliver the biggest benefits.

Victoria Kenward

Vicki is our queen of shareworthy service. She is 100% committed to making everything we do a “WOW” for our clients. She’s also a tech wiz and process guru who is responsible for some of our most innovative web applications, including HaleyMail, our Job Board software and our Talent Showcase product. With her degree in Information Systems and leadership training from Xerox, Vicki’s systematic approach to work and amazing attention to detail are a perfect complement to the rest of our team’s more “creative” approach.

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