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Automated Candidate Sourcing: Create a Talent Pool Before You Need One

11 March in Applicant Tracking Systems, Best Practices, Human Resources, Recruiting

Employees are the heart of every organization, and that is one of the reasons why finding the right talent is a vital function of Human Resources professionals everywhere. With that in mind, how does a company ensure that they have built relationships with talent before...

Women In The Workplace

Smart Inclusion Series: Women In The Workplace

14 February in Human Resources, Uncategorized

We're excited to launch the Smart Inclusion series! To advocate for diversity outreach, recruiting, and hiring, we're sitting down with our clients, vendor partners, and thought-leaders to discuss the trends, challenges, and solutions that employers can use to engage and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion...

SME recruiting

Why You need a Subject Matter Expert

16 December in Applicant Tracking Systems, Best Practices, Human Resources, Uncategorized

Importance of an SME to maximize Value from Vendors With software-as-a-service (SaaS) and the introduction of platform-as-a-service, it has become imperative that companies invest in maximizing the value of their services. Investing time and resources in having an internal employee become a Subject Matter Expert...