Amtec 60th Anniversary Celebration


Amtec 60th Anniversary Celebration

20:32 16 March in Articles, Business, Customer Service, Engagement, Generations, Human Business, News Updates, Staffing, Technology

This week we celebrated our partner’s, 60th anniversary. They recently moved into a gorgeous new building and graciously invited us to celebrate this milestone. There were around 60 attendees including a chairman from Chino Hills, Monster and Working Wardrobes. Amtec had a wonderful spread of food and drink, and their office was cheerfully decorated for the celebration.

Amtec was one of our first ten partners from over 30 years ago, and we still share the same mutual respect and admiration for each other. Amtec, CEO, Scott Kuethan made great points during his speech and one that hit home with us was when he described how he looks out for the candidate’s best interest when placing them. Amtec wants to ensure both the candidate and client can mesh well together and that they share the same values. We at SmartSearch couldn’t agree more, we want to ensure our partners have the best experiences possible and that our philosophies mesh well together, which lead our CEO, Doug Coull, to write an intriguing business guide explaining this process.

There was another speaker from Working Wardrobes that inspired us and our desire to help. She explained their mission as giving opportunities to those less fortunate by providing clothes and classes to assist them in attaining and retaining a job. Many of us here at SmartSearch volunteer and donate to various organizations including the Humane Society, and we completely back everything Working Wardrobes is doing, as well.

Overall the celebration was a blast, and our partners at Amtec were wonderful hosts, we wish the best of luck to our partner and can’t wait to celebrate their many more anniversaries to come.

Tyler Coull

Tyler has served many roles inside SmartSearch and is proud to be an Account Manager, where his knowledge about the ins and outs of the system allows for better in-depth communication with clientele. His friendly attitude and easygoing demeanor stem from growing up in sunny San Diego, where he enjoys his free time relaxing at the beach, hiking, camping, and spending quality time with friends and family.

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