2020 Email Tips for Your Staffing Firm

2020 Email Tips for Your Staffing Firm

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This time of year, we’re all busy.

Employers have projects to wrap up. Budgets to plan. Deadlines to hit. And for many, the holidays are the busiest season of all.

Job seekers are busy, too. With the pressure of the holidays, many put their search on hold temporarily, vowing to pick things back up once the calendar flips.

Not surprisingly, it can be an extremely challenging time of year to get your marketing message in front of your audience. But if you want to ensure your firm has a great start in 2020, NOW is the time to get front-and-center with your clients, prospects, and candidates.

Looking for ideas to make 2020 merry and bright for your staffing agency?

Try email marketing. If you think nobody reads email, think again. Statistics show that email generates the highest ROI for marketers. For every $1 spent, email marketing generates an astounding $38!

During the holiday season, how can you use email to cut through clutter, capture attention and generate more sales leads and qualified applications for 2020?

Try these three approaches:

Send a Seasonal Mailing

Contrary to popular belief, your email doesn’t have to be incredibly in-depth or full of calls-to-action to get people back to your site. Sometimes the best thing you can send around the holidays is just a quick and jolly email to say “Happy Holidays,” and remind people that you are on their side for any workplace or job-search needs in the year to come.

Share Open Opportunities

As busy as it is for us, job seekers can feel the pain just as bad; not having a paycheck is NOT ideal this time of year. Try sending out an email sharing some of your currently available jobs (if you want to get fancy, you can segregate your lists by industry or position!). Whichever jobs you promote, make it easy for candidates to apply through their email.

Create a 2019 “Best of” Mailing

You’ve undoubtedly come up with some great content this year (if not, you are behind the curve!). Whether it’s blog posts, email or social content, why not gather it all in one place? Let your clients and candidates catch up on the amazing content you’ve produced this year and get in front of them one last time before 2020. It’s a simple approach that benefits everyone.

How will you stay top-of-mind, build your brand and grow your business in 2020?

Haley Marketing’s social and content marketing experts can design a program that delivers big-time ROI for your firm. Happy Holidays!

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Mackenzie Froese


Beginning her career in marketing and public relations at SUNY Fredonia, Mackenzie has since gone on to work with companies across the U.S. as a Digital Media Executive, and now as a Marketing Advisor for Haley Marketing. While her areas of expertise include content creation, social media management, and email marketing, Mackenzie prides herself most on her close client relationships, and never finishing work until it’s perfect. You can usually find her dreaming up new projects and challenges, writing a new InstantMail for HaleyMail, or showing a cat video to her co-workers.

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